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Learn only from the BEST. Learn from the Masters.

Busy schedule? Can’t align your schedule with a Group class? Do not want to be in a Group class at all? Or do you just want us for yourselves??? For whatever reason you have, we can help you make that happen in an Exclusive Master Class. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we can agree on a certain date that we are both free.

Whatever your level of experience is, you are welcome at any Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Master Classes. Everything you will need to learn from making the buttercream, understanding how to stack your cake, crumbcoat, cover and smooth the cake will soon become just basic to you with the expert guidance from Valeri and Christina.

Since it is becoming harder and harder for them to organize local classes as much as they wanted to because of the overwhelming invitation they receive to teach worldwide (and because they also love to travel as well), a lot of people take advantage of their EXCLUSIVE MASTER CLASSES.

People of all walks of like who has the same passion come to their classes whether near or far. They had doctors, Scientist (seriously!), Judges, crafters, wives of the Ambassadors of different countries (we could not say), normal housewives, daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman (and we gave her the same simple sandwich we give to everyone [oops!]), normal daughters, and even taught the head cake decorator of The Bellagio (in Las Vegas, USA) AND taught few flower piping strokes to the HEAD PASTRY CHEF himself!

So yes, everyone with the same passion, beginner or a pro, come to us to learn and to further their cake knowledge…or they are just busy and could not wait for our next local classes. For whatever reason you have, you are welcome to our class.

Below are some options you can choose from but please do not hesitate to contact them should you require a more tailored class.


Stained Glass Art Technique

Stained Glass Art is one of their Signature styles and techniques. Valeri and Christina have made an imprint to this technique that if you see a cake done in this style, you can easily recognize that it’s theirs. The way they do the Stained Glass is the closest to the real thing! It does indeed look like those shiny pieces of glass put together! All secrets are shared in their classes!

This Class will surely bring out the artist in you! You will be surprised that by the end of the class, even though you DO NOT have any artistic background, you will be able to draw and paint like a PRO! We have lots of tips to share and we have developed techniques for you to achieve a stunning masterpiece!

Flower Piping Technique
Flower piping is an age old art using various piping tips to create beautiful blooms. To create such pretty pieces, one needs to understand the right positioning, pressure, angle and so many other factors. Through our books and extensive teaching experiences, we are able to impart students our expertise whether you are a complete beginner or  just a hobbyist.
Buttercream Imprinting

This amazing “Imprinting” technique is a Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes ORIGINAL!

This technique is NOT airbrushed and NOT painted and most definitely NOT an edible print…but BUTTERCREAM design is IMPRINTED on BUTTERCREAM. Impossible??? Yet again we have developed and perfected this impressive technique. We will not be using any special tools in this class..just piping bags! Your cake would seem to be gift-wrapped with those fancy papers..only edible! Plus loads of other techniques.

This technique is very versatile that only your imagination is the limitation. From animal prints to florals to patchworks, anything! Valeri and Christina will show you how easy it is to do this technique and everything else that you need to learn about it, and of course they will also provide you lots of inspiration and ideas.

Bas Relief Piping Technique

Another technique popularized by Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes!

Ancient kind of carving or sculpture in which the figures or decorations are raised a few inches from a flat background to give a three-dimensional effect, this style is achieved by using variety of piping tips with monochromatic tinted buttercream. Valeri and Christina will teach you all essential tips and techniques for you to better understand correct flower piping work.

All fine details are piped on the side of the cake directly. That is where the biggest challenge is so we will teach you lots of techniques to guide you and get confidence.

Beadwork Piping Technique

Another original technique by Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes! Turn needles and threads into Buttercream and piping bags to create this amazing Beaded Art. You will learn the most effective and easy way to create such intricate craft.

This Beadwork finish is truly mesmerizing! It is a very impressive finish that anyone who looks at it asks if they are made with real beads (and then poke them to check), then will have a second look (makes them want to poke more) or say OUCH! because they imagine that the ladies have piped thousands of “buttercream beads” to create such stunning edible masterpiece.

Valeri and Christina will teach you the secret and you will be surprised how EASY it is. You will have to be warned though that this technique is highly addicting! ? And again, you do not need any specialized tools, just your yummy buttercream and piping bag. Simple and cheap and can be done in minutes as well.

Palette Knife Painting Technique

Ready to take your painting skills to the next level??? You would be truly surprised about what beautiful art Palette Knives and Buttercream can do. In this class, you will discover the Van Gogh in you!

Valeri and Christina will not just teach you how to tint your buttercream and how to create subtle blended effect that looks like your cake has been airbrushed..they will teach you everything you will need to know about the strokes, proper position and handling, discuss the differences of each of the pallete knives, how to blend colours properly, shadowing and so much more.

You will be taught the MAIN STROKES so you are able to make ANY beautiful flowers you can ever think of like Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Peonies, filler flowers, leaves and so much more!


Stained Glass Art Technique
Imprinting Technique
6 Basic Flower Piping
Bas Relief Piping Technique
Palette Knife Painting
Beadwork Piping Technique


This is exclusive for 1 day and CANNOT be combined with any class. This class will discuss all major strokes in our 100 Buttercream Flowers Book to gain full understanding about foundation of Flower Piping so you will know how to pipe any flower possible. After which, you will apply your learning to create a stunning cake starting from covering, blending, smoothing, sharp edges, learn proper flower arrangement…and more!

If they can do it, you can do too!

In all Exclusive Master Classes, everything is provided for you: all materials for the class/es, lunch and snacks plus handouts and giveaways. You just have to bring your HAPPY SELF smile

We start the class with a demonstration of how to make the buttercream, discussion on fundamentals of baking and cake assembly then you will get to do the covering of the cake. Through that, you will be able to learn how to smooth the cake surface like a professional finish with sharp edges before we proceed to all the special techniques you choose to learn.

Class/es are well structured according to how you would like it. We cannot wait to hear from you and guide you with your buttercream journey! smile

We are excited to hear from you!

Master Class You Prefer

Techniques You Wish To Learn

10 + 10 =

 Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is world renowned for their mastery of “Contemporary Buttercream Art” and this makes them if not exclusive, one of the very few in the WORLD. Their exquisite designs and new techniques makes them in demand. Their contribution to this artistry is unparalled and incomparable to any other artists because most of the techniques are developed by them. They are based in London and teach UK wide, also in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and the rest of world. Most of the classes that they teach are their ORIGINAL so you would not find any other artists who teach those techniques anywhere in the world. All the classes are headed by Valeri and Christina, two teachers, thus, giving each student maximum attention in the class.

Learn only from the BEST. Learn from the MASTERS!


Students’ Feedback

Here are some words from our students.

I attended the 2 day ultimate buttercream master class in May and was overwhelmed by how welcome I felt and by how much I learnt, I’m in love with buttercream! I bought the book and as expected it too is amazing. Thank you so much Valeri and Christina for changing the way I think about buttercream, I can’t stop trying different things ❤️ X x

Rebecca Dudgeon


Amazing 3 days spend with these 2 lovely ladies. They are gifted and great at what they do. Very patient and the attention to detail helps achieve the best results. Enjoyed the course immensely and the chit chat too.

Goldie Padam


Just attended 3 entire days of classes with these beautiful ladies! AMAZING INSTRUCTORS! You WILL be able to achieve incredible results from their techniques, even if a beginner. The patience and care shown to each student is unlike any other. You will also have a forever friendship. THAT IN ITSELF IS PRICELESS

Connie Brandt


They are such a good teachers. Patient, fun and nice! And they know their art! I would love to spend more days with them actually. For two days I have learnt so much and I am curious what I can achieve if I spend more time with them.

Sairoong Dhama


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