Here is how to pipe a “Simple Petal” that we described in our books. Basic because it is the basic of a lot of flowers like Camellia, Hydrandea, Magnolias, Blossoms and so much more. When you have understood this technique, you would surely be able to pipe so much more flowers.

So here it is. It is just a 1-minute video that you can watch over and over.

When pipipng leaves: it is important to squeeze your piping bag well and pull slowly to build up so that each leaf/petal will hold its shape and would not droop and it will have a good shape.

When piping the Camellia or “Simple Petal”:

  1. Wide end of the Wilton 104 nozzle is the one touching the surface and narrown end out or up.
  2. Position the nozzle at a 20-30 degree angle.
  3. Squeeze piping bag, let it fan out, stop squeezing, then pull down.
  4. Leave a small space to pipe the next petal. Do not pipe right next to it so it does not overlap.
  5. If you want to pipe a bigger/wider petal, you can move your hand like and arch depending on how wide you want the petal to be.

So the steps could be summarized into 4 words: SQUEEZE-STOP-PULL-SPACE! (toungue twister! say it quickly 5 times! lol) 🙂

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