It first looked looked like a cabbage..then into a better looking cabbage..then somehow into a Carnation. Then after a million more piping practice, only then it turned out to look something nearly like a Rose.

See our Rose piping journey…


Piping a Rose, for us, was the trickiest to get used to. There are lots of factors to be able to pipe a good one. The most important is, to begin with is your buttercream recipe itself. If you use a thick type of buttercream like what we use (click here for our recipe), you have to make sure that you adjust the consistency by adding a little bit of water to make it softer, or open up the narrow tip of your nozzle so the edges of your petals will not break.

When you have your good recipe ready, watch our short video on how we pipe a Rose. Take note of every stroke and angle of the piping tip as well.

Essentially, you would want to use any Petal Nozzle, wide end down-narrow end up. The one that we used in the video is a Wilton 104. you can use a smaller one (102-103) or a bigger one (124-126).

Few important tips:

  1. Make sure to pipe a good size and sturdy base (like a mound) before piping your flower.
  2. You can pipe your Rose directly on to your flower nail and transfer to your cake while “fresh” but if you find this tricky, you can cut small parchment paper squares, stick that on to the flower nail before you pipe, transfer the whole flower (including the paper) into a board then freeze it for about 5-10mins before you apply to your cake. Easier when your flower is rock-hard.
  3. All petal should be an ARCH shape (or rainbow if you like) and NOT straight. This is a common mistake.
  4. Make sure that you push the petals inwards as you pipe so that there will be no gaps in between the petals. This will make your Rose not just stable but beautiful as well.
  5. If edges of the petals break, you can open the narrow part of you nozzle with the blunt side of a pointy knife. Insert then turn left-right carefully. WARNING: we have damaged a lot of piping tips already. Oops!
  6. Make sure you turn your flower nail as you pipe each petal. Coordinate your left and right part of your brain. It takes getting used to do this, BUT it is definitely possible! 🙂
  7. The only way to perfection is through PRACTICE. Guys, it is not an overnight thing so be patient 🙂 You can do this!

Here is the link for the sturdiest and the best Flower Nail in the WORLD! lol! It has an extra large flat space and dual purpose as well. You can use it as a heating core for even baking as well. Click HERE.

You can learn more about flower piping from ANY OF OUR BOOKS or from our online Craftsy class! Click here to go to Craftsy!

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Buttercream love,

Valeri & Christina