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Buttercream Academy

There are quite a lot of online cake decorating schools but not so much of (or maybe none) online school exclusively for buttercream. Not anymore! Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy is a comprehensive online cake decorating platform and the ONLY subscription you will ever need in exploring endless possibilities using buttercream as a decorating medium.

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Level Price  
Sugar Sprinkler £24.99 per Month. Select
Butter Dreamer £134.90 every 6 Months. Select
Whisk Taker £239.90 every 12 Months. Select
Cake Froster Free. Select

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Couture Candle Bar

Valeri & Christinahas ventured into a new business, producing handmade luxury scented soy candles. Each candle art is 100% hand-poured and hand-piped using finest non-toxic, clean burning, biodegradable soy wax with cotton wicks, natural dyes and carefully selected fragrances. No additives or stabilisers are added to their candles. Enjoy a touch of indulgence with these beautifully handcrafted wax arts! They also make beautiful wax melts, flower bouquet reed diffusers and other candle accessories.

soy flower candles

Master Classes

BOOK PROMO:Get a pack of 100’s  Thin Piping bags with any book purchase.

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With this first ever Food Grade CERTIFIED and ingenious Cake Cloth, you can get a flawless finish, simply by using the cloth to smooth any bumps or ridges in your crusting buttercream cake surface. From the simplest cakes to creating wedding cakes, exhibition cakes or cakes for large events, the result is Perfection!

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Whether a Baker, Cake Decorator or anyone who loves cooking, these Measuring Spoons Sets would make a perfect gift. It will be a lovely addition to your kitchen. All designs are exclusively by Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes so you can be assured that they are truly collector’s items!

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