Brush Painted Peonies


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This cake has got an adventurous shades of Blue as a colour canvass but is somehow muted using a totally contrasting but complementing brown colour. These colours somehow translate into a beautiful setting to paint our dainty Peonies.

Valeri will surely help you discover your inner artist spirit as she guides you in achieving this stunning painted Peonies. She will thoroughly discuss how to manipulate your paint brush so that you are able to recreate this masterpiece.

Challenging as it may seem, but we can assure you that after this class you will be able to paint other variety of blooms.

On this class you will:

  • learn how to achieve a stunning textured and marbled finish on your cake using multiple colours
  • understand how to construct tiered cakes
  • learn how to transfer any image onto the surface of your cake even if you cannot draw
  • learn how to correctly trace an object properly
  • learn how to blend your colours to create different shades and dimensional effect
  • learn the correct angle on how to paint on to the cake without damaging the surface
  • learn the correct strokes on painting
  • understand the use of different types of brushes


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