Charming Chrysanthemums


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This palette knife painted cake is a form of art that looks complex with all the colours, textures, depths and layers involved, but once you learn the correct technique, you will understand that it is rather an easy and straight forward technique.


Valeri will teach you how to properly apply thick daubs of frosting to paint and achieve a well-structured piece of art. In this class, colours of the Chrysanthemums and foliage are highlighted to create a lovely contrast against the subtly blended canvas of our cake. Correct strokes, palette knife handling and position will be taught so that you will be able to recreate other stunning creations using the painting stroke.


On this class you will:

  • Learn how to achieve the stunning blended colours to cover your cake.
  • Learn how to use different palette knives
  • Learn how to correctly hold your palette knife to be able to achieve beautiful designs
  • Learn how to achieve stunning colours using your Swiss meringue or Italian meringue.
  • Learn how to correctly do the palette knife technique.
  • Learn proper placements of the flowers and the leaves.
  • Learn how to conceptualize a design and translate an inspiration photo to create your own design.


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