Dainty Daisies


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This Dainty Daisies cake used soft colour palettes to give an instant charming impression. The combination of the dainty daisies and leaves gives a simple and yet exquisite look.

This class will teach you how to pipe daisies  and leaves in two ways. First is by using a piping tip and second is by using a seamless piping bag. Christina will show you not only the correct way on how to pipe the Daisies and the leaves but also any “this is what not to do” mistakes that you may possibly commit along the way.

Daisies will be piped in various ways to give you options on how to do them differently in your future cake projects.  Details such as correct piping angles, piping pressures will be discussed along the way as well.

On this class you will:

  • learn how to pipe Daisies using a piping tip
  • learn the easier way on how to arrange the piped Daisies on the side of the cake
  • learn how to pipe Daisies using a seamless piping bag
  • understand the correct positioning of the flowers so that they will look more pleasant
  • learn how to pipe leaves two ways, using a piping tip and using a seamless piping bag


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