Delightful Hollyhocks


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This stunning cake is created using an earth toned colour palette and is adorned with beautiful Hollyhocks. The background is creatively conceptualised to look like gradient tiles covering your entire cake. You will learn basic techniques that once executed properly and combined altogether will make a stunning project. Inspirations for this class can be from textured walls, real paintings, different tiles and even mosaics. The techniques involved in this class is so versatile that you can actually use any kind of frosting as a medium.


On this class you will:

  • Learn how to achieve the stunning tile or mosaic effect using gradient colours on your cake canvas.
  • Learn more about your palette knives
  • Learn how to correctly hold your palette knife to be able to achieve palette knife painted designs
  • Learn how to achieve stunning colours using your Swiss meringue or Italian meringue.
  • Learn how to correctly do the palette knife technique.
  • Learn how to position the flowers and the leaves for proper placements.


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