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This colourful kaleidoscope style cake offers countless of possibilities for your cake projects just by simply changing the colour theme, strip sizes and allocation of your strips. On this project, we recreated a modern piece of art using the masking technique to something that is fun and satisfying to do. Using minimal amount of tools and buttercream, you will be able to create a finish project that is easy to make and yet absolutely stunning.


In this class you will:

  • Learn the correct way on how to do the masking technique on this project.
  • Learn how to achieve different looks on your cake using the same technique.
  • Learn how to achieve the stunning blended effect on buttercream using soft colours.
  • Understand how to be able to make sure that your strips would adhere nicely on the cake.
  • Learn how to pipe Hydrangeas in two toned colours on top of the cake.


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