Oh Sew Sweet!


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Fiber art. Tapestry. Embroidery art. Knitting.  These and more are what you are going to learn in this class. Only, you will not do this art using cloth and fiber, instead you will use cake and buttercream.  By using muted colour palettes and easy to follow piping strokes, you will be able to achieve a stunning cake creation.

Christina will teach you the methods necessary to make it look like all the piping  are interwoven with each other just like an embroidery art. She will make sure to discuss all the principles of correct pressure piping, strokes composition and colour coordination. Uniquely done embroidered roses and leaves will be taught in this class as well to further enhance the appearance of our cake.

Once you recreate this project using the techniques involved, you will surely come up with a delightful piece of art that appeals to everybody.

On this class you will:

  • Learn how the beautiful pastel colours are achieved.
  • Learn how to outline your cake which will determine the structure of your weaves.
  • Learn how to pipe different kinds of weaves using seamless piping bags, writing tips and star tips.
  • Learn how to pipe embroidered Rose and leaves.
  • Understand the correct angle, pressure and handling of your piping bag to create stunning weaves.


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