Pretty Posy


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We wouldn’t run out of words to describe this stunning English Over-piping cake which exudes royalty, elegance and grace. It is a timeless technique that has been handed down from generations to generations as different flairs are applied to create variations. Commonly known as the Lambeth Piping, this cake will give you satisfying layers and layers and rows and rows of intricate piped details. The impressive depth will bring you to a different dimension of an age old art which have been and still is one of the most popular cake decorating technique ever.


In this class you will:

  • Learn the correct and easy way on how to divide and mark your cake in preparation for overpiping.
  • Understand how English Overpiping works and the structures involved in this project.
  • Learn all the individual strokes included in this English Overpiping cake.
  • Learn how to correctly create layers and rows of overpiping.
  • Learn how to structurally position every piping stroke to create a beautiful depth and dimension.


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