Strawberry & Succulents


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This luscious looking strawberry shaped cake piled with a lovely display of succulents will surely be a centrepiece for your celebration.

Valeri will go about how to do a simple carving for a not so complicated shape like this. She will make sure that the principles behind the carving can be applied to another cake of a comparable shape. She will also explore on how to recreate the distinct texture of a strawberry.

Succulents will be taught thoroughly, discussing all the correct angles and strokes. Valeri will fit as much succulents as possible on the carved strawberry cake but after the class, please take a look on more succulents variety and challenge yourself to recreate them.


In this class you will:

  • Learn how to carve your cake to create a certain shape.
  • Learn how to properly crumb coat and cover an irregular shaped cake.
  • Learn how to create a realistic strawberry texture on your cake.
  • Learn how to pipe different varieties of succulents.
  • Learn how to freeze some of the succulents.
  • Learn how to pipe the sunflowers directly on to the cake.
  • Learn how to create a stunning succulent arrangement.


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