The Cypress


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A Wheat field with Cypresses is one of Van Gogh’s most popular summer paintings. It depicts golden fields of wheat, towering Cypresses, trees, mountains and hills and of course swirling clouds in the sky. In this class, Valeri will unleash the Van Gogh in you! It doesn’t matter if you are good in painting or not, Valeri will teach you the easiest way possible to achieve an impressionistic art which is equally effective and stunning. After recreating this project using the steps involved, you will surely come up with a delightful cake design. And although the project is a pull apart cupcake cake, this class is also applicable to any cake size.


In this class you will:

  • Learn how to structure and create a pull apart cupcake cake.
  • Learn how to create an impressionistic design on your cake using Van Gogh’s A Wheat Field with Cypresses as an inspiration.
  • Learn how to blend colours to create a stunning background.
  • Learn how to paint simple elements on your cake.
  • Learn how to use simple/basic materials to create beautiful textures
  • Learn how to create a beautiful frame to accent your impressionistic paint


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