Truly Tropical


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In this project, leaves of different shades and forms are piped repeatedly to create a dense background of natural greenery. These elements are highlighted using different strokes of stitch piping. Each stitch piping identifies with a kind of leaf. Christina will go over each and every stroke that you will need to be able to recreate this evocative project.

A burst of striking tropical flowers – Hibiscus, Plumeria, Marigold and Billy balls will be taught as well. These bright, colourful flowers will harmonize well with the various kinds of tropical leaves.

It seems like a lot of work in the beginning. It seems intimidating. But rest assured that Christina will teach the techniques to you the easiest, friendliest possible way.


In this class you will:

  • Learn how to transfer any image onto the surface of your cake.
  • Learn how to correctly trace an object properly .
  • Learn how to use different tools to achieve a certain design.
  • Learn how to outline your elements so that the design structure will be effective.
  • Learn how to blend your colours to create different shades.
  • Learn how to achieve different stitches and embroidery effect using seamless piping bags or writing tips.
  • Lean how to pipe tropical flowers like Hibiscus, Billy Ball, Marigold and Plumeria.
  • Learn how to pipe leaves.


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