Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe is made by whipping a mixture of egg whites and sugar that has been gently heated in a double boiler until the sugar dissolves and the eggs are cooked. The egg white mixture is then whipped up into a beautiful glossy meringue. Cubes of butter are then gradually added to the meringue.

This has a very silky taste (yummm!) although not a crusting type and can be sensitive during hot weather.


* If you are concerned about using raw egg whites, you can buy those pasteurized egg whites in the groceries
* When you have beaten the butter with the meringue and it looked clumpy or soupy, DO NOT PANIC! Jus keep beating..and beating and beating until it becomes smooth again.
* You can leave buttercream at room temp for a 3-4 days. If you refrigerate it, just let it warm up. Either way, beat it agian with the paddle attachment before using. Whip it until fluffy.
* Some people replace butter with shortening (or half and half) to make it stable.

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