Below is Queen of Hearts’ Buttercream Recipe. It is by far, the most stable type of buttercream we have ever tried. It is perfect for any type of weather even though how humid it is, you would not worry that your cake will melt away.

Just remember only 1 Golden Rule: DO NOT OVERBEAT! ๐Ÿ™‚


* Use Icing Mixture (icning sugar with cornstarch) instead of PURE powdered cane sugar as much as possible.
* If vegetable shortening is โ€œSOFTโ€ consistency, like Crisco (US), use ratio 1cup vegetable shortening:5cups icing sugar
* If vegetable shortening is โ€œMEDIUMโ€ consistency, like Trex (UK), use ratio 1/2cup vegetable shortening:4cups icing sugar
* If vegetable shortening is โ€œHARDโ€ consistency, like Copha (Au), melt half of the block completely in the microwave before you add to the beaten 1 cup butter then proceed to the rest of the same steps using 4cups icing sugar. The buttercream will look CURDLED and this is normal so DO NOT PANIC! Just put it in the fridge for 30mins to an hour to chill before use.
* SHELF LIFE: If with milk, 3-4days. If with water, 7-10days. You can freeze up to a month.

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